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 When I was a kid about ten, I picked up a copy of Mad Magazine.  I even remember which one it was.  We lived in the house on Steel at the time.

mad cover

Anyway, the tradition was passed down to another generation and Kevin became the keeper of the flame.  I am sure he will expand in the future.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a computer geek and techie.  I have been that was since I was a kid.  I listen to a podcast on the TWIT network called “The Giz Wiz”.  The podcast are available on video as well as a traditional podcast.  The person who does this podcast is Dick Debartolo, “Mad’s Maddest writer.”  He is responsible for many of the movie spoofs.  He is hysterical and his gadget reviews have had me rolling on the floor.  Dick has been writing for Mad for over 50 years.  He was in his teens when he started.  If you love Mad Magazine or tech stuff and gadgets, I highly recommend you check out his video podcast. is a great source for all kinds of information about anything dealing with modern technology.  ie: cell phones, computers, tablets etc.  

I will provide several links to many of the great sources of information and advice.

Dick’s own website…He runs a game called “What the heck is it?”  where he posts a picture of a thing and he gives 10 signed copies of Mad for correct answers and 20 signed copies for incorrect answers.

These sites are great places for review and advice for techies and non techies for unbiased reporting and lots of laughs.  Enjoy.

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