“The Easter Bunny’s Problem” by Melanie McAleer


Note:  Here’s a holiday poem published by my grandmother, Melanie McAleer, in the 1940’s–posted by her son, Joe.

The Easter Bunny’s Problem

Once a rabbit had a problem, and it wasn’t very funny,
You see he was the special, one and only Easter Bunny,
And he had a special duty to get up at break of day
On every Easter morning and give Easter Eggs away.

Something like old Santa, once his journey had begun,
Of the million little children, he never missed a one,
Yes, this was Bunny’s happy boast. ” I never missed a … Read More…

“Reporters Apology” by Melanie McAleer

The following poem was written by Melanie McAleer (posted by her son, Joseph Maguire)

Reporters Apology


(after viewing a Senior Womens’ Tennis Tournament)

I was sent on this assignment,
Nothing promised to be duller,
Without the thrill of homicide
Nor a fight for race or color;
I wondered why my editor
Had given me this task,
But being true reporter
I went, and didn’t ask;
After all a Senior Woman
Was a female with a shawl,
And I couldn’t quite envision her
Connecting with a ball;
Now … Read More…

“Cobbler and the Cowboy” — My Grandma’s Poetry


66 years ago, this poem was proudly cut from the newspaper and placed in a scrapbook.  My grandmother, Melanie Vier McAleer died just two and a half years ago at the age of 94–an accomplished woman by any standard, winning a national doubles championship in tennis for women over 70.

But her greater love, one that stayed with her through her entire life, was poetry.  She was a regularly featured writer in Detroit papers throughout my mom’s childhood in the 1940s and 50s.  Her whimsical style and clever insight into the human condition was spot-on.  I remember being flattered … Read More…