Dial a Prayer: Little Miracles on an Indie Set


In February 2014 I received a text from Jason Potash, producer of Storyboard Entertainment’s Dial a Prayer.   “How old is your house?”  I wrote back “1929.”  He was back home in Detroit with writer/director Maggie Kiley and they were scouting locations for their upcoming film to be shot in the area.  They stopped by 90 minutes later and while our old house didn’t make the cut, we ended up dropping in on nine other friends in Royal Oak that same night—two of their houses ended up in the film, one by pure chance.

We were stepping out of my friend Micah’s brick home on Hawthorne when I pointed … Read More…

Hollywood with a Heart: “Brightest Star” Producer Gives Unforgettable Gift to High School Students

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I was just giving him a call, being the nosy person that I can be…

“How’s your movie coming along?”

Former student and current producer, Jason Potash, was in New York prepping for the film Brightest Star which opens on January 31st.

“Great!” he answered, ever positive. “How’s the family?” ever quick to shift the spotlight back to someone else.

“Wish I could bring my class,” I joked. “It’d be a great field trip!”

“Why not?”


“No really. We’ve got a few college lecture hall scenes and we need extras.”

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