“Want to help me hide the eggs?” Farewell to the Easter Bunny…and Childhood

Please excuse this rerun from 2013, in honor of Easter today…


It was already a big night.  I was able to stay up a little later than my three younger sisters.  I was a cocky 8 year-old sitting on the vinyl couch in the lower floor of our tri-level watching “The Ten Commandments.”  Of all the scenes, I’m not sure why Edward G. Robinson’s unlikely casting stays with me even to this day, but it was this scene…

The door-wall slid open, and my dad’s face appeared, “Want to help me hide the eggs?”

It took a moment for the … Read More…

“The Easter Bunny’s Problem” by Melanie McAleer


Note:  Here’s a holiday poem published by my grandmother, Melanie McAleer, in the 1940’s–posted by her son, Joe.

The Easter Bunny’s Problem

Once a rabbit had a problem, and it wasn’t very funny,
You see he was the special, one and only Easter Bunny,
And he had a special duty to get up at break of day
On every Easter morning and give Easter Eggs away.

Something like old Santa, once his journey had begun,
Of the million little children, he never missed a one,
Yes, this was Bunny’s happy boast. ” I never missed a … Read More…