Ma Kai

I have been trying to find the right words to express what it felt like sitting on the beach last week in North Carolina last week on vacation.  It was a feeling on insignificance, but yet peace.  I was going to try to put my words around a blog, but decided to try my hand in poetry. Indulge me! 

Ma Kai

Your waves crash on the beach
Your breeze blows across my face
The sun beats on me, just me

Decisions to be had,
Deadlines to be made,
Not today as I hide my feet in your sand

The enormity of your being
makes me feel insignificant…
….but strangely at peace

The things you have seen,
The years you have thrived
make my years pale in comparison

Is there someone just like me on
your other side feeling the same way?
Watching your waves?
Feeling your breeze?

Problems to be addressed
Emotions to be discovered
Not today as I dive into your waves
And get lost in you


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About Steve Mitzel

By trade Steve is a consultant that helps business optimize their performance. Steve resides in Connecticut with his four wonderful children in the teens or tweens and is always looking for the next adventure. He is an avid marathoner who raises money for research to prevent cancer. As a two time grad from the University of Michigan he bleeds maize and blue and also likes to dabble with writing.

2 Responses to Ma Kai

  1. Laura says:

    I just returned from a 3-day weekend with Deepak Chopra at a yoga institute here in New York. I went with a friend who needed someone to go with once her daughter had dropped out as her travel companion due to having to work. So I had no idea really who Deepak was (or for that matter what yoga was). It was all very interesting, and most importantly the food was really good!

    Deepak’s whole message is about understanding how we are connected to each other and to the greater universe (so your thoughts and actions not only matter to you, but to your family, your community, onwards etc.). He advises getting in touch with that “connected” feeling by doing daily 20-minute meditation–in fact he says that it is essential to your well being. I figure why not try those 20 minutes–what could it hurt? Your poem sounds like you had a bigtime Deepak moment while in North Carolina and expressed it beautifully. I didn’t buy his book “Super Brain” while at his seminar, but everyone else did and they were raving about it. If you want to explore your North Carolina moment further (and write more poems like that one), I would recommend checking it out.

  2. PhilipA says:

    Keep writing!