Love, New America Style with “Liberty’s Secret” – The 100% All-American Musical

The Dance-Nikki and Liberty


Liberty’s Secret: The 100% All-American Musical is a movie that brings to

mind all the memories from my childhood that made my middle of the road,

Midwestern upbringing so rich with its dependable sameness over

the years.


Memories of good ol’ fashioned bake sales, the smell of freshly bought apple

pie, sounds of Lawrence Welk’s Orchestra in the evening on TV and baseball

Sundays filled with the voice of Ernie Harwell keeping a steady drone in the average

and typical sun-filled family room that made my childhood so special.


Liberty’s Secret is a special movie. At first glance it’s a movie about family,

community, patriotism and two people who find love in small town America. It’s

also a movie with layers of nuanced sarcasm about the existing political world and

all the familiar, stereotypical circus acts that combine to create a political campaign

that will be bought, packaged and sold to a hungry America. Characters sing

together “Glee” style and there is a humorous Barbershop quartet number featuring

your everyday pundits that is funny and very pointed about said political process.

But what Liberty’s Secret also does is to present to the general public,

middle of America viewer the possibility of a unique love story, all-America style

or shall I say “New America Style”.


This Love, presented “New America Style” has the power to charm all.

Andy Kirshner’s movie projects all things good about America past and present.

Liberty’s Secret feeds the viewer a treat that they didn’t know they were

hungry for; a delicious dessert full of sweet and tangy apples, served with a

wholesome “Leave it to Beaver” firmness all set in a thin and crunchy, sarcastic

laugh at yourself graham cracker crust of pure tasty goodness.


What a world to hope for where all of our differences regarding family values

could be solved with a friendly neighborhood party featuring a little singing, a little

dancing and more than enough home made American apple pie to go around.


Photo Credit: Tripp Green





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