Writer Guidelines


Movies, Music, TV, Sports, Photography, Poetry, Billboards…Hey, whatever–we’re open!

Here are a few guidelines…

  1. Browse around the website and get a feel for the tone. (See below for some samples.)
  2. Keep it in a kind-hearted spirit. Welcome discussion, but please try to cover both sides of the issue.
  3. We like to laugh–particularly at ourselves. Many of our posts can drift to the poignant, you’ll find. But generally try to keep it fun, if not funny! Think Andy Rooney, Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock.
  4. Stick to a PG-13 rating at the most.
  5. The “media” part of the formula is pretty wide open. It might be a movie, TV show, photograph, news article, annoying app, amazing podcast, or a favorite children’s drawing. (I’ve used my grandma’s poetry from the 1940’s, for example.) Anything to get the ball rolling.
  6. 1,000 words or less is a good guideline. We won’t cut you off after that–but some readers might!
  7. A nice balance of media helps: images, video clips, music–along with your awesome writing!

Right now, we don’t have any sponsors or ads–other than helping writers promote their own books–which we’re glad to do for you!

Here are a few of our posts, to give you a general feel…

Hope to be reading you soon!

Kevin Walsh

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