Hi-Tech Meets Low-IQ: The Lions’ Titus Young, Sr.


‘If y’all going to cut me let me go’ (Detroit Free Press, 1/25/13)


We’ve all wanted to have the last word.  We’ve all bit our tongues, taken deep breaths and counted to ten.  It’s one of the more taxing aspects of parenting–training your kid to self-edit.  During one of my less-patient moments, I believe I said:  

“No one really cares what you have to say at this moment.”

The Detrot Lions have a knack for looking over that giant draft board in April and landing the perfect candidate year after year.  With every Calvin Johnson along comes his polar opposite–Titus Young, Sr.  I remember seeing the Mariners play at Tiger Stadium and the two Ken Griffeys were playing.  When the Orioles came to town, both Cal Ripkens were on the field (shortstop and coach).  Seeing a “Sr” or “Jr” on a jersey was pretty cool.

Titus Young added the “Sr” to his jersey after getting special permission from the Lions  so that he could honor his young son.  It was kind of endearing, even if it was a bit peculiar.

But now, added to “Titus Young, Sr” there’s a new suffix:  ”Foolish Tweeter.”

Ask Ashton Kutcher the importance of think-before-you-Tweet after his too-quick fingers defended Penn State as soon as the scandal broke last year:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2011/11/11/penn-state-scandal-teaches-ashton-kutcher-a-google-before-you-tweet-lesson/

Similar to a drunk grabbing the microphone late in a wedding reception, this Detroit Free Press article shows what can happen if you let someone, with a loaded cell-phone,  have the last, last, last, last word–to the sad downfall of his promising career.

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