One More Story About Tom & Seeing Hayley Mills In-Person!


It was in November of 1965.  I was 14 years old but a late bloomer and immature for my age.  I loved Disney movies and in particular anything with Hayley Mills.  I had seen her previous films as often as possible.  Then I heard that she was to attend the premier of “That Darn Cat” in Detroit at the now gone Ford Auditorium.


I wanted to go more than anything I had ever wanted. … Read More…

How Tom Changed My Life


 Tom was the brother who made me laugh.  Life was sort of serious growing up and Tom could always be counted on to be funny in the face of difficulty.  I loved him and wish I could have been closer to him.  This is the story of how  Tom changed my life.  You might ask how is that possible considering the vast distances between us.  Well, it was Christmas time 1968 and my mom wanted to come to California and spend some time with Tom and Jan as they were preparing for the birth of their son Brian. Tom was stationed in Point Arena Air Force … Read More…

November 22, 1963: A Seventh Grader’s Loss of Innocence



Saturday was to be the day that my Mom and I would move out of the house my family had lived in for eight of my 12 years. The large three-story home which had held within its walls a family of eight and all that that entails had grown too large.   Dad was gone and gradually the family had dispersed as families do. Now it was just me and my Mom.

She had rented the bottom of a house across from the University of Detroit. She worked there managing the bookstore so the location made sense. The local Catholic school … Read More…

From Russia With Hate: Not Tuning-In 2014 Winter Olympics

The following was originally posted on Joe’s blog at this link.


If you follow my blog you know that I rarely comment on current events and mostly am guilty of reminiscent wool gathering. I have also stated that I am not content just writing about the timeline of our marriage.

But, what is going on in Russia needs to be addressed now and regularly until the Winter Games and beyond. The persecution of LGBT people in Russia is horrifyingly similar to the gradual evolution of the Jewish holocaust led by Vladimir Putin an ex-KGB thug.  He knows what he is doing. Find a … Read More…

The Place where High Tech meets Mad Magazine

 When I was a kid about ten, I picked up a copy of Mad Magazine.  I even remember which one it was.  We lived in the house on Steel at the time.

mad cover

Anyway, the tradition was passed down to another generation and Kevin became the keeper of the flame.  I am sure he will expand in the future.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a computer geek and techie.  I have been that was since I was a kid.  I listen to a podcast on the TWIT network called “The Giz Wiz”.  The podcast are available on video … Read More…

“The Easter Bunny’s Problem” by Melanie McAleer


Note:  Here’s a holiday poem published by my grandmother, Melanie McAleer, in the 1940’s–posted by her son, Joe.

The Easter Bunny’s Problem

Once a rabbit had a problem, and it wasn’t very funny,
You see he was the special, one and only Easter Bunny,
And he had a special duty to get up at break of day
On every Easter morning and give Easter Eggs away.

Something like old Santa, once his journey had begun,
Of the million little children, he never missed a one,
Yes, this was Bunny’s happy boast. ” I never missed a tot,
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“Reporters Apology” by Melanie McAleer

The following poem was written by Melanie McAleer (posted by her son, Joseph Maguire)

Reporters Apology


(after viewing a Senior Womens’ Tennis Tournament)

I was sent on this assignment,
Nothing promised to be duller,
Without the thrill of homicide
Nor a fight for race or color;
I wondered why my editor
Had given me this task,
But being true reporter
I went, and didn’t ask;
After all a Senior Woman
Was a female with a shawl,
And I couldn’t quite envision her
Connecting with a ball;
Now … Read More…

“Saturday Night at the Movies” at the Walsh house on Ward


When I was about 13, I lived with my Mom by the University of Detroit across the street from the basketball arena. Back in those days I was the babysitter of choice for Ann and Jim.  I used to give babysitting gift certificates for Christmas.  Apart  from that I was paid the going rate.  The truth is, I would have done it for nothing as I always loved interacting with Jim and Ann and the kids.  Jim would pick me up and I would grab Kilroy my cat and we would drive over to Ward St.  On the way we would stop by Doyle’s liquor Store.  Jim would get me … Read More…