An Artist I Know – Francis Bennigan

Art Equals

This is a series I’ve created to share the work of interesting and creative writers, musicians, actors, directors, producers, and much more.
If you’re creating it I’ll share it.
These interviews will be taking shape as I develop them and may be published as podcasts and/or videos.

Francis Bennigan 2

Francis and I met in a musical theater class a couple of years ago … Read More…

An Apology to My Daughters, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan Among Others…

As I was reading a magazine today I turned the page to an article about Congress’s First Black Female Republican and I sat there stunned for a few moments. How could this be? I was honestly struck dumb with the realization that this was a milestone that was just NOW happening in the year 2014? Hadn’t it happened sooner? I had assumed that we had all sorts of women of every color and race populating the corridors in Washington DC. I was truly stunned that this was an event to celebrate in the year 2014. Where have the last 30 years gone?

I was raised with the idea that I as a woman could do anything. I sat down in front of the TV back … Read More…

Love, New America Style with “Liberty’s Secret” – The 100% All-American Musical

The Dance-Nikki and Liberty


Liberty’s Secret: The 100% All-American Musical is a movie that brings to

mind all the memories from my childhood that made my middle of the road,

Midwestern upbringing so rich with its dependable sameness over

the years.


Memories of good ol’ fashioned bake sales, the smell of freshly bought apple

pie, sounds of Lawrence Welk’s Orchestra in the evening on TV and baseball

Sundays filled with the voice of Ernie Harwell keeping a steady drone in the average

and typical sun-filled family room that made my childhood so special.


Liberty’s Secret is a special movie. At … Read More…