Ann and Jim’s Wedding

My parents were married at Precious Blood parish in Detroit on June 22, 1963. For years, on their anniversary, we’d haul out the 8mm projector and watch the film, hoping that the burning bulb wouldn’t choose that moment to set the precious footage in flame.

We’d gather in the dining room and were unable to stop the film due to the dangerous bulb. Instead, we’d crouch near the screen and point out blurry faces quickly–many of them passed.

With the advent of video I was thrilled to move the footage to VHS, then to DVD and finally to YouTube. The fear of the bulb was gone and now you can just hit “pause” or even use a screen-shot to make a quick photo like below.


I have no memory of this day and wasn’t due to be baptised for another 18 months, but I feel that I was there–even if it was via a crowded dining room and a very smelly bulb!

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2 Responses to Ann and Jim’s Wedding

  1. Joe M says:

    Aside from the sentimental aspects of this video, it is an amazing time capsule. Mom tending to Grandma Vier, Oh so cool, Uncle Gene, Gail Lamb with that cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Joan was carrying Matt I think. Peering back a half a century! The value of home video takes decades to be fully appreciated.

    • Kevin Walsh says:

      Hi Joe. I wasn’t even aware that Grandma Vier was in that video. Thanks for pointing it out! Everytime I see this short film there’s something new. (And those cars in the background keep getting older!)