Beware of Grandpas Bearing Reptiles


Abby’s upstairs studying for her sophomore year mid-term exams right now but it seems like I just took this picture on a trip to visit Patrice’s parents at their winter home in Arizona.

It completely captures both of these kind souls, Bob having fun with a toy snake bringing himself down to his two-year old grandchild’s level while Abby’s sense of fun and permanent smile completely loves her grandpa–even if he is carrying a snake.

You take for granted the walks, laughs and card games you have with parents and grandparents. It seems such a constant that it’s hard to imagine it not going on forever. Bob passed in November, 2009 after a long brave struggle for both him and Helen. At his funeral, we wrote his famous Bob-isms on the inside of his beautiful pine casket cover.

A couple of my favorites:

  • “If we had any ham, we could have some ham and eggs–if we had any eggs.”
  • “That screen door’s only got so many opens to it!”


I was very fortunate to marry into such a fun, loving family. I’m glad Abby got to spend some quality time with her grandpa–even if he wasn’t always carrying a reptile.


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One Response to Beware of Grandpas Bearing Reptiles

  1. claudia says:

    My favorite Bobism was “If you only take half there is always some left for the next person” Of course I always wanted the first half. Gotta love it and him.