So, Just Where is the Elbow Grease?


As I am a favored guest as my friend’s home, her grandchildren wanted to make sure everything was spit-polished and in order as they eagerly awaited my arrival. The 7 year old, Fiona, was the task master making sure her 5 year old brother, Liam, closely followed her directions as dictated. Fiona,displeased with her brothers efforts and progress at his given task, declared ” you’d better put some elbow grease into this or we will never get done”. Liam, eager to comply, went searching throughout the kitchen opening one cupboard after the other and began to get frustrated. He pleaded for his sister’s help, “just where do I find this elbow grease anyway, I’ve searched everywhere for it?”  Fiona just shook her head and called for her Grandmother as the interpreter of all things foreign and near to explain the non-literal meaning of “elbow grease”. What could have been a slippery situation, turned into a smile and just one more story to remember when Liam is 30 and has his own children!

With much love and affection,


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As an educator, benefits counselor, singer, storyteller, actor, humorist and lover of the arts, life presents many opportunities to tell our story in various venues. Everyone has a story to share, you have but to ask. Living just beyond the gateway to the world (Metropolitan Airport), there is a compliment of horse farms, gardening supplies (nurseries), flea markets, and the hussle and bussle of local malls and big box stores. All of the above is rich fodder for sharing life's quirkey moments, shifting pardigms and obtuse points of view.

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