“Saturday Night at the Movies” at the Walsh house on Ward


When I was about 13, I lived with my Mom by the University of Detroit across the street from the basketball arena. Back in those days I was the babysitter of choice for Ann and Jim.  I used to give babysitting gift certificates for Christmas.  Apart  from that I was paid the going rate.  The truth is, I would have done it for nothing as I always loved interacting with Jim and Ann and the kids.  Jim would pick me up and I would grab Kilroy my cat and we would drive over to Ward St.  On the way we would stop by Doyle’s liquor Store.  Jim would get me some Coke and a really big bag of Cheetos.  We would arrive at the house well after Kevin and Katie were in bed and asleep.  I would sit in front of the TV and watch “Get Smart” and then “Saturday Night At The Movies” on NBC.

Sometimes I would go into the basement and shoot pool.  But I spent most of my time in  front of the tube.  This was a fairly regular occurrence for a year or two.  I only remember one time having to go to Katie when she was crying.  I went in and got her and rocked her briefly.  She went right back to sleep.  Kevin never woke up.  It was one of the easiest gigs I ever had.  Ann and Jim would arrive home around 11 or so.  I would be a little sleepy by this time.  Jim would then drive me home with my white cat and orange hands.

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4 Responses to “Saturday Night at the Movies” at the Walsh house on Ward

  1. Katie Walsh says:

    Now I know why I crave Cheetos when I wake up from a bad dream!

  2. cathy albery says:

    when i had play rehearsals at olms after school, the cast would figure out who wasn’t in the first secton we were rehearsing and those couple of kids were the designated runners to efros in orchard mall. (we were all hungry, having had lunch at 10:30.) they would always bring me back a good-sized bag of cheetos (crunchy, not puffed) and a coke. i should look at those scripts and see if there are orange fingerprints on them!

    • Kevin Walsh says:

      I believe Rich Hall’s Sniglets program on HBO referred to the orange residue as “Cheetle.” My other favorite sniglet was “strumble,” the tripping over a non-existent object–but you look back anyway at what you tripped over.

  3. Kevin Walsh says:

    Thanks, Joe! No wonder I enjoyed “Get Smart” so much on reruns in the early 80’s. Too bad I was such a good sleeper; I would have enjoyed seeing those episodes “first-run.”